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Coorg's Phone Numbers

Police Stations
Madikeri: 08272 - 229333 Kushalnagar : 08276-274333
Virajpet: 08274-257333
Somwarpet : 08276-282040

Madikeri Govt. Hospital:
Kushalnagar Govt Hospital:
Madikeri Health Care Centre:

Ambulance Services
Govt. Hospital Ambulance:
Fire Brigade Ambulance:
Soans Ambulance Services:

Other Govt. Offices
Forest Office: 08276-274223
KSRTC: 08276-273300
Tourism Office: 08272- 228580

Coorg or Kodagu

It is no doubt that you may have visited many a place of interest in your life time. Memories of those beautiful places have been definitely remaining in you ever since. Some times it may be haunting. Don’t you feel? If you have ever been to Kodagu, your memories should have enriched with those beautiful sights. Its diversity and geography, showcased in the massive and awe inspiring forests, are striking. The lush greenery that veils over this land surely enhances its natural beauty.

Nobody can express its beauty in words because it is the experience who is the real witness here. It is a paradise of sublime water falls, ecological parks, water drafting and more and her dazzling cities embody everything Kodagu people love about their culture. Hence your visit is an awaiting one and we think it is our duty to introduce Coorg to all who wish to know and learn more about this land.

About Coorg

Tropical forest is the most complex and least understood vegetation on earth and is also one of the most complicated of all ecosystems of the world. It consists of a rich array of species and a complex web or interactions. The tropical forests of Western Ghats are in varying stages of development. The varying climatic, edaphic and physiographic conditions of different localities have lead to the development of the different forest types namely, Wet evergreen forests, Semi-evergreen forests, Moist deciduous forests, Sub-tropical hill forests and Grass lands. About Coorg...

Coorg History

Coorg or Kodagu has its own history enriched with reigns of various kingdoms. It is known that most of the South Indian Dynasties had ruled over Kodagu. Coorg history....